High tech. High life


What is the world of the future?

Does it look like the movie scenes filled with neon lights? Is there a place for class inequality with the confrontation of favelas and skyscrapers? Will the human remain the "top of creation" or will he be replaced by machines?

The search for answers to these questions led to the emergence of a multifaceted genre of fiction with its various currents and subgenres, where every writer and screenwriter acts as a futurist, trying to predict our tomorrow. Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, Philip Dick, Wachowski brothers, Masamune Syro - they all tell their stories, and only time will tell how perceptive they were.

Designer ODESD2 Zbroy Svyatoslav studied almost all areas of science fiction and found for himself the answer to the question ‘What could be the design of the future?’

X1 lounge chair is a statement that the real world has irrevocably become a cyber world. Dinosaurs and dead rock stars come alive with the help of virtual reality, Internet of things taught objects around us to communicate with each other and to understand each other better than we understand them. We are surrounded by an infinite number of interfaces and, undoubtedly, the world of the future will definitely be even more technological.

The desire to rethink the place of rest and the work with computer was the reason for the appearance of X series.

The chair looks like the creation of a machine and is a metal base with a seat, backrest and headrest, "strung" on it. Pillows are made of black foam rubber with a microfiber glued on it without a single seam. These elements make the X1 utmost utilitarian, technological and, at the same time, comfortable.

X1 lounge chair is the key object in the series and in the near future it will be supplemented.

Location of the shooting: SP Studio - Art & Media Space.

Makeup: Juli Sviridova

Model: Lera Zayceva