The joy of introvert


The V1 chair appeared in 2014 in a model range of the ODESD2. It became popular in specialized media really fast:

“From the stables of the young Ukranian design studio, the V1 allows privacy in any space or room (except maybe if you have kids)” - Livin Spaces

“Along with stellar design, this chair comes with a computer tray as well a color that would go well with any room of your house. The only thing is it takes up quite a bit of space, but when you can sprawl out in what could essentially be considered a small bed with walls, I don’t think you’ll mind that much” - Rare Delights Magazine

“Today we get a first look at The V1 chair by ODESD2, a brilliant creation that will definitely be getting a lot of use when added to your mix of furniture” - stupidDOPE

“The chair feels like ”a personal bubble”, a recluse from the external world” - Florida Review Magazine

“Introvert's chair”, “Shelter” and “Lair of the misanthrope” - it’s only a few comparisons from journalists.

V1 has become a part of Voda day&night club and BUKAbar & night club (both - Bukovel) interiors. It can be seen in Palestra fitness center (Kiev). It was appreciated by professionals - V1 is places in offices of the architectural bureau “ARCHIMATIKA” (Kiev) and studio Panorama Design (Oslo).

Chair received a French Design and Design award. Karim Rashid as the Head of jury in “Interior of the year” competition called V1 a comfortable model and gave it the first place in the “Product design” nomination.

Chair has become one of the flagship models. We expanded the series and created V2 and V3 sofas. Double and triple sofas keep the style of the V series and protect the from the outside hustle and bustle with a high backrest. But now you can hide from the whole world with a small company.