The balance of utility and artistry in the interior by Alena Yudina


We got new photos of "The apartment with the deer". Designer Alena Yudina works in her usual manner. She prefers light colors, laconic shapes and hand-picked accessories. The character of the interior is created by rich textures and handmade decor.

Alena Yudina uses modern and functional furniture. She picks the unit shelves M series by ODESD2 designed by Valentin Luzan and makes it a TV set with symmetric shelves on both sides. There is a plasma screen in the center of the composition and there are handmade ceramic works by Olga Fradina on the shelves. This works are intentionally handmade with traces of author's hands and signs of imperfections. Flowerpots, vases and vessels make the interior more humanized and emphasize that this personal space is a place for life, creation and emotions.

Alena Yudina as a professional has the unique sense of proportion. Details are important but not crucial in her projects. The central character is a person who spends their days within these walls. Our design bureau shares these values. And we are happy to be working with a like-minded person on next projects.