Q1 lounge chairs in the interior of the Sky Bank


Information technologies not only set the pace of development for modern companies, but also directly affect architecture and interiors. Technological solutions in the materials of finishing, rational zoning and the use of advanced technologies designed to make life easier are the main accents in the working, public and private spaces.

These criteria were followed by the MAAR group and Altis-Project in the work on the new branch of Sky Bank, a transaction bank based on the use of modern information technologies. In interior design, special attention is paid to rational zoning of space for maximum comfort of visitors and employees. The premise is adapted to the advanced technologies of the bank: an electronic queue system, as well as a self-service area with a unique device for the Ukrainian market, which in the future will be able to replace small branches of banks, working without human resources.

The space is divided into four functional zones, one for servicing individuals, the second for legal entities, the third for vip customers, and the fourth for the back office. Furniture and decoration materials are made in firm colors, the walls are marked with the main slogans of the bank. Q1 lounge chairs, made in blue textiles, fit organically into the concept of space and allowed to create a comfortable place for waiting.

The main idea of the interior is to create an informal atmosphere of the bank, where visitors can drink coffee in a relaxed atmosphere and, at the same time, get all the necessary banking services.