The Rules of Life: Svyatoslav Zbroy


ODESD2 presents a series of materials "Rules of life". These are talks with the designers of the company, where there is no place for questions - there are only the heroes' answers about their attitude to design, development and the most ordinary aspects of being. The authors of cult objects of Ukrainian design openly share their thoughts with readers, prompting everyone to an internal dialogue.

Svyatoslav Zbroy, industrial designer, architect, CEO in ODESD2:

“It is not necessary to go somewhere to know the world. Conversation – it's a journey”

Design – is an universal language, universal tool for solving many problems. Even more: all around us. The moment of constructing a speech, composing letters in words, and words in sentences is also a design. And globally – you can design anything.

My main critics are my relatives, family, business partners, people whose opinion is important to me. They are the first to test new items ODESD2.

Each object designed by me solves its problems, each of them is a solution to the design formula. Therefore, I do not have a favorite among them. All are good, and yet they can be improved and modified.

There is no good or bad design, but there is or there is no solution of a design problem. I always ask: what did the designer want to say? And it does not matter who set the task: the customer, the designer himself or the society. Successful design solves them all.

The Q1 chair is a successful combination of an accent form and comfortable ergonomics. It equally attracts attention in the interior and solves its problems.

I like the current period in the Ukrainian industrial design. Right now, everything is born, develops, and we are waiting for the beautiful times ahead. Everything happens as in my favorite period of post-war industrial design. It's a time of beautiful objects, interesting stories, inspirational designers, who taught me a lot.

I really love the moment of construction. Usually it takes from three to six months, and sometimes a whole year from the idea to the creation of a new product. The stage of choosing materials, creating a prototype at the production is the most interesting process, the process of the birth of an object. You see all the details, you understand how they can be improved, modified and immediately you make changes.

I love progress and movement. That's why one of the most negative aspects of my work is walking in a vicious circle, when you know in advance that the result will be negative and you will have to go through the circle again. Sometimes two repetitions are enough, and sometimes you remind yourself of Tom Hanks in the "Groundhog Day".

I am the person who will wait five minutes, explain how to do, and entrust this work to the team.

I'm a perfectionist to the core. I like it when the conversation is constructive, the work is fun, the design is practical and aesthetic. I used to be a perfectionist with a touch of irritation - if I did not get the right result right away. Now I am a perfectionist-optimist: difficulties are passing, and the desired result can be achieved through hard work and moving forward.

I regret nothing. A negative result is also a result.

Conversation is a journey for me. I used to learn it through communication. I communicate with a lot of completely different people from around the world every day. That's how I learn a lot and get inspired.

I like it when people do not know who they are talking to: this is a very interesting indicator.

I believe that I'm an introvert. But according to the logic of actions, I am an extrovert. I feel uncomfortable in a large crowd. But if in one place a hundred like-minded people will gather, I will be like a fish in the water.

“I'm sure you'll do fine” – perhaps the most valuable advice I received from my brother, who played a very important role in my life. He supported my aspirations, believed in me, always helped and prompted me. And - most importantly - he continues to do it. Such simple words, but they contain a lot of meaning.

There is no such thing as work for me. My brain works all the time, which means and me too. I always think about something, I constantly study and develop. I love music, I play acoustic guitar, I love photography and video shooting, flying on drones, video games... This list is endless.

The family is in the first place for me. You can sacrifice everything: time, money, projects, knowledge. But not family.

People often think about the future, but do not appreciate what they have now. We always expect that everything will be fine then. But all is well.

You want to improve your mood? Talk to someone. If communication does not go on, then it is not your interlocutor.

Interviewed by Yaroslava Kobynets