Furniture from E series in the interior of Raiffeisen bank in Kyiv


Recently public interiors have acquired new meaning and new aesthetics. Architects easily abandon the concept of unified spaces. A cafe looks like a cozy kitchen, a gym looks like a playroom, IT-office looks like a coworking from future and a bank space looks like a hybrid library.

Companies reflect their character in interiors of their offices. They use space as an exhibition pavilion where a client can understand values and priorities of the company and compare them to their own.

A new branch of Raiffeisen bank in Business center Astarta in Kyiv is a good example of modern approach to design of public spaces. Loft aesthetics with some color accents and furniture from collections of Ukrainian manufacturers Svoya Studio and ODESD2 and interior objects which were made to order. The interior corresponds to the general changes of the development of the company. The bank embodies new units of consumer services and up-to-date technological solutions.

Design: Natalia Karyakina

Builder: Egida Ltd