ODESD2 furniture in a fashion video by Ukrainian brand PRZHonskaya


The present-day fashion is more about a bundle of memories and completeness of a character than about the clothing as it is. Ukrainian designer Helen Przhonskaya created a new art-video to show the idea of her company, tell the story and get an emotional feedback.

Short video “Persona” shows us a story about fear and helplessness which can transform into rebellion and strength. The screaming cry makes a safety barrier between the past and the present.

This art-video was shot in the Theatre on Podil in Kyiv starring in-demand Ukrainian actors Dima Yaroshenko and Tanya Ruban Zhuravel. Inner architecture of the space specifies the rhythm in the shot. Grey walls, a bunch of engineer communications, stairs, laconic modern furniture and a heavy front curtain created the mood which fits the general concept of PRZHonskaya.


Make-up: Dasha Taivas
Hair: Katya Maksymova
Camera: Dima Elisichenko
Produced by Dasha Posrednikova
Music by TRANSCRIPT (Alex Forst, Alexander Pisarchuk)
Directed and edited by Chereshnya // Chereshnya Jane
Special thanks to ТеатрнаПодолі and especially to director ВиталийМалахов