Following the nature


The world around is full of intricate forms - nature, unlike the human, does not use straight lines. All living things - ornate, figured, decorated with feathers, wool or scales, and therefore - attracts the eye. It happens that nature is so keen on creating new species that copies itself. Then Orchid mantis appearswhose broad paws resemble the petals of a tender flower.

Designers of Dorogaya studio found inspiration in this unusual, prone to mimicry creation, and repeated his silhouette in the OM chair. Using the principles of bionics, the designers created an expressive piece of furniture, where the plastic form of the sitting is like an orchid petal, and the steel base is like the mantis itself. Visually light, the OM chair has all the ergonomic properties needed for relaxation, and a 360-degree rotation allows the legs to take a comfortable position.

The compact size of the chair favorably distinguishes it from its dimensional counterparts, embodying the designers' dream of aesthetic furniture not only for the office and a spacious house, but also for a small space.

The OM chair is the first item designed by Dorogaya Studio in collaboration with the design bureau ODESD2.