​ODESD2 is on pause


Even after the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine started on February 24th, we tried to manage our perplexity and fears to continue working on modern Ukrainian design. We continued to process requests and ship orders that we received the months before, but we were no longer able to give the bureau all the attention it needed.

During these seven months, our families were scattered in different parts of Europe, our suppliers of materials ended up under occupation, and we lost one extremely important member of the bureau to illness.

Today all the efforts of our team are focused on the main: on Ukraine’s victory. Only when the Ukrainian lands are freed from the enemy, only with the capitulation of russia, we will be able to think about the design again. And only then will we be able to say whether ODESD2 has the potential to be reopened.

Thank you to each of you for your support, orders, requests, cooperation in bold projects. See you after the victory! Glory to Ukraine!