New birth


Mystery. Miracle. Turn of the Samsara wheel. Natural physiological process. The emergence of a new life is a complex and multicomponent stage, which man, nature, and the universe pass in their own way. Live beings, stars, planets, ideas and projects are born.

Today ODESD2 celebrates a triple birth: a new design duo, a new direction of work and a new product.

The baby bed ARC is the result of the teamwork of Svyatoslav and Maria Zbroy. Both personal and professional requirements of designers for a special category of products, which is children's furniture, are reflected in this product.

«The name ARC was born in the midst of work on the construct and pre-production stage. Before that, we perceived its arched elements exclusively as aesthetic. And only after a while we realized that we subconsciously used a powerful symbol, which in many traditions means protection from evil forces, a portal to a previously unknown world, a new birth. If we had doubts about the name, they disappeared completely at that moment», - designers say.

One of the main tasks was the implementation of the "day-night" regime: repositioning the bottom of the bed, as well as opening of doors. The height adjustment of the bottom is effected by moving it on the sides of the bed: it is enough to unscrew the screws, place the bottom at the required height and screw the screws back. The highest position of the bottom is suitable for those cases when the bed stands apart from the parents' bed, which allows them to take the child without additional burden on the back. For those parents who prefer to place the baby's bed next to themselves, it provides the lowest possible position of the bottom and a convenient door opening system on hidden hinges. The basis is a double-leaf door system that is used in the production of baby beds for parents with a disability or back diseases. This principle of opening the door allows you to place the crib as close and on the one level with the parents' sleeping place, which will ensure a comfortable night feeding of the child without having to get up. Two lock-latch, placed symmetrically at the bottom and above, fix the doors in the closed position, which excludes the possibility of opening the door by the child.

A characteristic feature of the ARC bed is the compact size in the first modification for newborns (ARC mini) and the possibility of transformation into a bed for a child from six months to six years old. It is enough to extend the telescopic metal base, place additional wooden elements of the bottom, as well as the back and front walls to change the size of the bed.

The wheels not only have a modern design, but also are made of a tough polypropylene with a gray rubber that does not leave any traces. Each wheel can withstand a load of 100 kg, so it will withstand any movement of the bed around the apartment.

The original mattress based on flax and latex coconut coir comes with ARC mini. This is the ideal material for newborns, whose sleeping place should be hard for the correct formation of the spine. In addition, the coconut coir has a resistance to moisture and odors, provides natural ventilation and heat exchange. The cover of the mattress is made of cotton fabric.

The designers paid special attention to the materials. All wooden parts are made of beechwood - wood, characterized by its high wear resistance, reliability and durability. The oil that covers the wooden parts is created on the basis of natural vegetable oils and waxes, complies with DIN 53160 (resistant to saliva and sweat) and EN 71.3 (safe for children's toys).

The ARC bed will be available for sale in autumn 2018.