New video of the Lix Pen


Future is knocking to our doors. It is possible that the pupil in the future will carry a portable 3d printing pen in his pen case. New human will not to hesitate in a possibility to realize any idea. New video about innovation deviсe Lix shows us one of shortest way from idea to realization.

In actual fact Lix Pen is a portable 3d printer. In actual fact Lix Pen is a portable 3d printer for drawing in a space. Power cord connects to USB. The system melts and cools colored plastic, letting you create rigid and freestanding structures. You must have steady hand and think over a project to create 3 dimensional shapes, a sculpture or an adornment.

London-based studio Lix was founded by designer Anton Suvorov, marketing expert Ismail Baran and fashion designer Delphine Eloise Wood. The team did very successful campaign at Kickstarter. Their goal was £30 000. Finally they get more than £730 000. Big response signs that a lot of artists want to have a magic wand for realization dreams.

Ukrainian production studio Dvoe films made new advertising video for Lix. It shows a few scenarios of applying Lix Pen in a work. The mood of free creation is complemented the desk and the lounge chair by ODESD2 design bureau. BAZIS auditorium was one of shooting location.

We are glad to collaborate with people who create the future!

The video was made by:
Producer/Director: Александр Сиденко
DOP: Taras Miskiv
2nd Cameraman: Roma Grushevoy
Sound: Алексей Тарасенко
Make-up artist: Ksu Galchenko
CG: Tema Stretovich

Lix Pen website: http://lixpen.com/