The first ODESD2 intern from abroad


Nataliya Kogut is a student of General аnd Technological High School Raymond Loewy in la Souterraine (France). She did her internship in ODESD2 design bureau in the summer of 2017. Firstly Nataliya has found ODESD2 furniture on Pinterest when she was working on the student project of designing the transformed bibliotheca space. She wrote to us, came to Kyiv and became a team member for the period of her summer vacations.

Nataliya’s family is of Ukrainian origin. Her parents wanted Nataliya to get a medical degree, but she decided to be a designer. Nataliya entered Condé school in Nice, then she graduated from Jean Perrin School in Marcel. Now she is working on her graduation project in Raymond Loewy high school. She is exploring the topic of equipment for rehabilitation after orthopedic traumas.

The internship in ODESD2 was held according to the immersion method. Nataliya worked in the office like other designers. During two month she was working on her own project of an office chair. Nataliya created her model to be launched as a ODESD2 product.

“My French schoolmates went to different countries for their internship. Some were just making coffee, some were sorting piles of documents, I was really lucky to practice design as it is. After we came back to school we made presentations and told about our internship. My professors were impressed that I had worked on s real case and my project will be launched. It is an infrequent opportunity” – Nataliya said.

Nataliya compares Ukrainian and French approaches to design. “Design area in France is quite developed and everyone tries to create something impressive and conceptual. Here in Ukraine design is not so demanded but even in these circumstances you can produce high-quality objects and sell them all over the world as design bureau ODESD2 does. I got a valuable experience of collaborating with design engineers. We are in touch now, I am preparing the technical documentation for launching my office chair.”