Infinite graphics


The pattern of the Z series is based on the rule of the "Egyptian Triangle". This geometric figure is known since ancient Egypt, where it was used in the construction of the pyramids. The Europeans have accepted it as a basis for the ideal proportions of the golden section. The proportion is still a reliable basis for the modern shaping.

The point is that all figures in the pattern have equal ratio of the lengths of the sides. This is the 3:4:5 proportion. An altitude that is perpendicular to the hypotenuse creates two smaller right triangles that are both similar to the original right triangle in their proportions. It can be divided infinitely many times. It is a self-similarity feature.

Metal shelves of the Z serieslook airy and elegant. Thin lines form a well-defined graphic pattern. Delicate shadow of the object multiplies this effect.

Owners can choose one of the readyoptions, or make their own construction set using five basic cubes. They are all functionally equal but differ by certain design nuances and location of the “painted” triangles.

The modular approach allows building up a construction of the necessary height and configuration for a particular interior. The cubes are joined together with the help of metal staples, which fix the neighboring modules. Owners can choose themselves location of the staple at the joint of two modules. It gives the opportunity to customize every set of shelves.

The open shelves perfectly fit into eclectic and contemporary interiors. It is a large space for books, magazines, and decoration elements. The horizontal set can be used as a TV stand.

Z series is the professional debut of Marina Bovkun in industrial design. She created this object during her internship in the ODESD2 design bureau.