​Imaginable Sixties


The main features of optimistic design of sixties of the past century was rounded corners and smooth lines, pure colors combining with natural textures.It was the time when people believed to great future and started to create future world by their own forces. Designers thought brave, created daring and tried to meet requirements of time. They created cosy and affordable furniture for small apartments.

An author of the series is Sergey Gavrilov, one of students of ODESD2 design school 2016. He decided to rethink the furniture set К58 -101 by furniture project and construction department of council of national economy of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1960 it was submitted to competition "Best furniture solutions for new type of apartment". Sergey rethought the set according to contemporary ergonomic standards and added some contemporary details to them. Finally he created his own sophisticated models which could be a part of that set of 1961.

“This kind of furniture for me is like an image from the childhood. I remember cookhouse in grandfather's country house. There was decent and comfortable furniture. My project appeared from desire to keep and materialise old memories”, – the designer tells.

First 2 models of the "Rethink" line are low tables Rth1 and Rth2. Next will be a sofa and a couch.