From Babylon to nowadays


Classic list of seven wonders of the world includes the most famous example of landscape architecture and horticulture - Hanging Gardens of Amitis. The young wife of Nebuchadnezzar II was homesick with green hills and mountains, it was difficult to get used to the dusty Babylon. Wanting to comfort his wife, the king ordered to build the Hanging Gardens - small areas of landscaping, located on the roofs and galleries of the palace. In truth, the palace could have become a mecca for modern landscape designers and florists, but the flood destroyed it 500 years after the construction. And let the name wrongly was assigned to the the Assyrian queen Semiramida - wonder of the world remained in the consciousness of humanity, and inspires designers to interpretation.

A graduate of spring semester of design school ODESD2, Dariya Stadnichenko, set a goal to create an aesthetic and functional element of the interior capable to green modern home and replace usual for the plants windowsill. As a result the modular system Hanging garden appeared, which makes it possible to embody the idea of the garden even in a small apartment.

«There are many factors that impair the ecology of our planet. And these are things that globallyeach of us can not change, but we can try to improve the situation in our own world. A world where we often are - namely, our home. Ecology of living space - this is what we can control. Hanging garden planters are created for those who would like to fill his space with plants, and to do it in the most comfortable way», - says Dariya. 

Planters of the Hanging garden series are racks and wall shelves, which are designed to simplify the direct contact with the plant. Modularity allows you to rearrange the plants as they grow and the need for light, bring your favorite plants in the interior with moving from one structure to another.