ODESD2 in the ELLE Decoration shooting


"Ukrainian interior design has long ceased to be terra incognita. Today, no interesting project is made without its participation", - the ELLE Decoration Ukraine team says in the latest issue of the magazine, and reinforces the words with a thematic shooting “Own is closer.” 

As part of the shooting the team visited Sergey Makhno Gallery, studio FILD office, Prostir 86 space and ODESD2 showroom in the "Diamond" furniture center. The compositions, created by Oksana Maizhara and Natasha Bakulina, consists of products, designed by: Sergey Makhno, Faina, Studio Kononenko, FILD, NOOM, Olga Fradina, Pavel Makov, Goloob, OLK manufactory, propro, Woo, Lazariev design, Levantin Design, Tasha Oro and The O Wallpaper. ODESD2 products also became a part of the shooting: 15.77 lamps designed by Aleksej Iskos, T3 table and S4 shelf by Svyatoslav Zbroy, and the Tweety 01 sculpture by Katerina Sokolova.

The bureau team would like to thank the ELLE Decoration Ukraine team and Natasha Bakulina personally for the opportunity to become part of the interesting and relevant project.

Photo: Andrey Bezuglov

Style: Oksana Maizhara

Producing: Natasha Bakulina