ODESD2 furniture in the Durex advertising


As part of its new advertising campaign, Durex Ukraine invited young Ukrainian bloggers to test a frank game about sex, "Truth or Dare?". This game was developed by Durex to change the tone of the conversation about the need for protection among young people. This allowed to move away from moralizing and give young people the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience.

So, popular Ukrainian bloggers were asked to play the famous game "Truth or Dare?", where "Truth" cards provoked an honest answer to frank questions, and the "Dare" cards added flirting and provocations to the game. 

A video on a candid topic was made using ODESD2 furniture: Q1 chairs, N1coffee table and R2 sofa.

Veronica KucherenkoVlada GarmashYana ShemaevaErik Enokyan and Edgar Enokyan took part in the video.