Design bureau ODESD2 turns 4 today!


During this time the company of the two like-minded students has grown into a team of 25 professionals.

Today there are 106 furniture pieces on our site, they produced in series and are available for sale. The first objects were shelf and two chairs, and now we create armchairs and chairs, sofas and furniture for storage, modular systems and décor.

12 authorized dealers in Ukraine, Poland, Canada, the US and the UAE sell our objects.

The main capital of design bureau ODESD2 is our employees. The constant search for new names, education of designers and work on fresh ideas helps us to develop.

We want to share knowledge and founded our own design school for this. At the end of the fall course four designers have joined the team, their objects are produced in series now. Yesterday students have become our colleagues.

We asked ourselves at the very beginning: what a modern Ukrainian design is? Four years later we know the answer. The landscape outside the window of the high-speed train finally becomes discernible. What exactly it will be ultimately depends on us and other Ukrainian companies. It's a huge responsibility and it's an interesting way.

The fifth year of work will be saturated!