C5 in the Friends Magazine


The team of the "Friends Magazine" makes extremely important and necessary work - tells about amazing people and projects, cultivates the beauty in small things and shares the inspiration with readers.

Collage "Trees" by decorator and interior designer Alena Yudina with an overview of the objects from the Ukrainian designers is in the latest issue of the magazine in the "Design" section. Theme of the collage is a tree plot and the use of wood as a material. Barstool C5 is marked by Alena as one of the favorites among the objects.

Alena Yudina's interview with the architect Vlad Goldakovskiy, Lisova ceramica project, Make my cake, Woodworker and 300 pages of inspiration and heat in general.

The full version of the magazine you can find here: http://issuu.com/friends-magazine/docs/friends-issue-3