C4 chair in Zaha Hadid's project


Famous Iraqi-British architect, established her own Zaha Hadid Architects firm, has unveiled designs for a new Cambodian Sleuk Rith institution. The facility will hold the archive of the Documentation Centre of Cambodia, a non-profit organisation that records the atrocities carried out during the Khmer Rouge period in the 1970s, commonly known as the Cambodian Holocaust.

Comprising five towers that range between three and eight storeys, the Sleuk Rith Institute will accommodate a museum, a library and archive, a graduate school focusing on genocide, conflicts and human rights studies, a research centre, a media centre, and an auditorium that can be used by the local community. Complex is scheduled to start construction on site next year.

Developed and produced in our bureau C4 chairs can be seen on the video presentation of the Institute. We are pleased that the ability to download 3d-models and blueprints of our objects givessuch results.

In total during the operation of the site were downloaded more than 9000 models.

Photo and video: Zaha Hadid Architects