ODESD2 on the VII Arsenal Book Festival


We are glad to announce that this year design bureau ODESD2 became the official furniture partner of the VII International Arsenal Book Festival! The company decorated four literary scenes: "Paper", "Farby", "Herbarium" and "Cinema Hall #1". Presentations of books, discussions and lectures of the Ukrainian writers and foreign guests will take place on the scenes during five days of the Festival.

We thank the organizers of the Festival for the opportunity to join the largest book event of the year, personally we express our gratitude to the festival coordinator Oksana Hmelyovska and the head of the organizational support department of the Mystetskyi Arsenal Yulia Lesechko.

The International Festival "Book Arsenal" is an annual project of the National Cultural, Art and Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal", founded in 2011. The mission of the Book Arsenal is to promote the development of the Ukrainian literary and artistic environment and the book market through international exchange and dissemination of the best world practices.