BB in Bursa


If the students of the Kiev Theological Academy lived in our time, then they would be very surprised and enthusiastic about the project of the Bursa hotel. There is not even a hint of unfavorable living conditions and the gloomy mood that prevailed in the building 200 years ago. Bursa encompasses a non-commercial art gallery, a 4-storey hotel offering 33 modern rooms of various sizes, a ground floor restaurant and a top-level bar that opens onto the rooftop terrace. Bursa is a unique modern complex, woven into the history of Kyiv.

Design in Bursa is the work of the architectural studio balbek bureau. According to the designers, the common thread running through the entire space is a distinctive influence of Bauhaus style, best known for promoting functionality in architecture and design through simplified geometrical forms and minimal use of embellishments. The interior of the bar and hotel rooms used vintage furniture from France and Norway, as well as furniture from Ukrainian manufacturers, in particular - propro and ODESD2 brands. The BB5 chairs of the BB series designed by Slava Balbek took their places near the bar tables, and the BB3 chairs in standard black and unusual red colors became part of the cozy Nice, Super Nice and Wonderful rooms.