All the colors of ceramics


Ceramics is one of the most ancient crafts, ahead basket weaving and weaving. Starting with modeling by hand, craftsmen invented the potter's wheel, and then - casting mold. With the passage of time simple vessels for liquids were replaced by the intricate product, as well as reliefs were replaced by decorating with colored glaze.

Maria Krasiuk created her Glazer lamps series during the education at the ODESD2 design school. This series shows her love to the ceramics and her desire to design functional lighting product.

Glazer lamps is a stable and at the same time elegant steel base with ceramic lamp.

The angle of inclination of the lamp can be adjusted so you can create a working, decorative or accent lighting. The color of the glaze on the internal walls of the lamp influences the temperature of the glow. Cold colors set working mood, while warm colors set muted background light. Universal size of lampshades allows you to combine lamps with each other, moving from one base to another.

Lamps are made of ceramics and are covered with glaze. Caps made of solid oak fix light bulbs. Bases are made of steel rod. Lampshade and base can be painted in the desired color from the RAL palette.