Gone with the Sound


Design bureau ODESD2 launches a new line. We have started to create not only furniture, decor and jewelry but also acoustic systems. The line of passive speakers SQ and soundbars SB present high quality of sound and laconic lines in design.

An author of the sound system is Mike Mironenko, one of students of ODESD2 design school 2016. “At the beginning of study I had planned to create something simple and handy like a chair or fire irons. But then I appreciated the fullest opportunities and decided to come up something more complicated. Quality of sound is really important for me. I have tried a lot of systems and picked one customized acoustics with a high quality of sound scary design. The point was the model with perfect sound, smart cabinet design and reasonable price didn't exist. And here it is!" – the designer tells.

First 3 models of the line are SQ2 (two 3.5 inch drivers in each speaker), SQ8 (8 drivers and one tweeter in each speaker) and SB4 (4 drivers and integrated amplifier).

Cabinet made of oak veneered plywood and MDF. Rounded base made of steel.

Two key technologies allowed reaching high quality of sound. First one is using of full-range BMR drivers. Technology provides near-180 degree sound dispersion. This makes it much easier to fill a room with sound wherever you place speakers. In short BMR speakers can be positioned almost anywhere in the room and still sound great. BMR technology creates stereo imaging. It refers to the aspect of sound recording and reproduction concerning the perceived spatial locations of the sound.

The second crucial approach is a using the Tornado technology.Without getting into technical specifics, it means that integrated vibroplate and spiral phase inverter sound goes through provide plummy bass. It generates a smooth amplitude-frequency characteristic in models SQ and SB. Audiophiles will appreciate it. Average customer would mention that bass sound clear and mid-frequency range is deep.