V1 Chairs in the office of SBT-Human company in Paris


The characteristic feature of a V1 lounge chair is its shape. It can separate you from outer disturbance and voices due to the high back with felt upholstery inside. It may be used in offices and coworking spaces as an individual working place. The office of SBT-Human in Paris is one of the new projects where V1 chairs were placed.

The company does consulting of evaluating managerial competencies. SBT-Human supports organizations in the area of neuroscience and digital technologies. It helps companies to identify and to develop individuals and teams to lead their business to success.

The experience of cooperation with such companies from abroad is always an important step for ODESD2. Twelve V1 chairs and six N4 tables were placed in SBT-Human office. Every chair got a number for comfortable individual work with a client.