Open House ODESD2. November 2017


The second Open House ODESD2 took place on the 4th of November. The new format of the communication between the design bureau and designers grew up from our educative project "Design School". During two years when it had been working, we have taught 165 students. 11 their projects have been launched in collaboration with ODESD2.

The participants of our last Open House, first of all, were aiming to develop and launch their projects. They made presentations; some showed sketches and drawings, and one guy even presented a prototype. ODESD2 team provided professional feedback according to the technical and aesthetic approach, told if it was possible to produce the item with the available technologies. Work with the technical documentation according to ODESD2 standards was one of the crucial topics at the meeting.

26 projects were presented, four of them were approved for creating technical documentation and further launching. Next Open House ODESD2 will take place in December.