Design bureau ODESD2 celebrates its 6th anniversary today!


A lot of important and remarkable events happened to us last year. We launched new product series and started collaboration with stunning designers.

An invaluable work experience was brought to the team by Aleksej Iskos. Five years ago we could only dream of working with a modern classic of Danish design, and now there is a minimalist series of 15.77 lamps among our products.

Svyatoslav Zbroy presented the workplace of the future - the X furniture series, which now consists of two chairs and a mobile workstation. Note that our X1 chair was presented earlier than the world learned about the iPhone X.

Another iconic collaboration was the collection of wooden sculptures Tweety, designed by Katerina Sokolova. Top Internet media included Tweety in reviews of the best New Year gifts.

Last year we communicated a lot: gave interviews, recorded videos, hold lectures. We became a partner of the Book Arsenal, ODESD2 furniture appeared in the best interior projects: the Theater on Podol, the office of the Football Federation of Ukraine, Odessa cafes, Dnipro mansions.

International geography has also expanded: our furniture is in the CityLife Shopping District (Milan) - the project of the cult Zaha Hadid Architects bureau, in the Unilever HQ office in Englewood Cliffs, in the Christian Dior office in Paris and even the office of the State Tourism Agency on Tasmania. Next only New Zealand and Antarctica!

Our educational project was transformed from a design school to an Open House meeting. Twice in 2017 we invited everyone to meet in the ODESD2 space, discussed new projects and talked about the details of the bureau's work. The new format has paid off - more than ten objects are being developed, some of them will be presented as a serial product of ODESD2. Today we continue cooperation with new designers, transferring communication with them to the online format.

We announce 2018 as the year when we will build new social structures, grind them, develop a trade network and continue to work alongside world design leaders.