Furniture in the VODA day&night club


A new SPA-complex VODA day&night club was opened in the tourist complex "Bukovel" this summer.

The general idea of the complex belongs to the owner Victor Shevchenko and creation of the interior - to the Lyubov Ryabchuk architect.

The complex has the access to the lake, heated swimming pool, a spacious terrace and a restaurant.

The restaurant works in a Bar & Grill format. There are natural materials and ethnic motifs and conceptual solutions in the decor of the space.

Multicolored V1 and Q1 chairs, created by the design bureau ODESD2, as well as objects of Ukrainian designers, in particular Katerina Sokolova's and Home Ideas Supply are used in the interior.

We thank the author of the interior, Lyubov Ryabchuk, for the opportunity to be involved in this project!