Furniture in the FFU Production office


In November 2017, a significant event for Ukrainian football took place: the production of artificial cover for multi-sport grounds and professional football fields opened in Kiev region. Implementation of the project of the production and office became possible with the help of the initiative of the FFU, the support of FIFA and UEFA, as well as the German company Polytan. In addition, the Football Federation of Ukraine became the first national football association in the world, which has its own production of this type.

Interior design, repair works, installation of lighting systems and furnishing of the "FFU Production" office were carried out by the companies of "Module 5" holding. Modern space, sustained in sports topics, was the result of the work of professionals in various areas of interior and building services.

Interior graphics with football stories, a "treadmill" of linoleum, as well as an artificial grass cover, designed to simulate a football field in the meeting room became the main thematic accents. In furniture and materials, preference was given to Ukrainian production.

There are ODESD2 products in the office: R series sofa groups with coffee tables, Q1 lounge chairs for tet-a-tete negotiations, as well as E16 chairs and office furniture for offices and a meeting room. All work desks are equipped with electrification system for convenient connection of personal equipment of employees. Conference table is equipped with additional HDMI modules for connection to the projector.

Laconic style and natural textures of furniture have become an excellent addition to a practical and at the same time cozy interior.