ODESD2 furniture in the Design Tour TV show


If you ask a Ukrainian viewer: "What program about the interior design do you watch?" he will not answer. At the same time, if you'll ask about his favorite talent show - you will get a whole list. The editor-in-chief of the "Home and Interior" magazine Anastasia Kovaleva decided to expand the horizons of the interests of TV viewers, and create her own Design Tour show. Since October 2017, a guide about the best places and brands pleases the eye and helps the viewer to make the right choice in these questions: "where to rest?", "where to go?" and "what to choose?". 

This week on the first episode of the fourth season of the Design Tour show was released on OTV. Anastasia visited the ORANG+UTAN BAR, and together with the architect Nikolai Gulik, she tested new collections of the Ukrainian furniture. The KLU 1 chair, designed by Nikita Bukoros, and the N series coffee tables, created by Svyatoslav Zbroy, where also tested.