Furniture in Ciklum


Ciklum is a global IT outsourcing company with Danish roots, founded in 2002.

Today, Ciklum employs more than 3,000 IT professionals involved in more than 300 team development and software projects. Ciklum has offices in Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Vinnytsia, Lviv and Odesa), Belarus (Minsk), Spain (Malaga), Poland (Gdansk and Wroclaw), Pakistan (Islamabad and Lahore), as well as representations in the USA, Israel, Denmark, Great Britain, Switzerland.

The head office in Kyiv is an area of almost 16 thousand square meters in one of the business centers of the city. The interiors of each of the 18 floors are created by an internal team of specialists, which gives priority to Ukrainian furniture manufacturers. The main feature that unites the entire company space - the use of natural colors and materials, restraint and conciseness. ODESD2 furniture has also become part of the Ciklum office project: the recreation areas are arranged with Q1 and V1 chairs, negotiation zones - with tables and chairs of the E series, as well as C.

Photo by Valentina Rostovikova and LLC NK Bud