Furniture in the BROCARD Niche Bar


A concept boutique BROCARD Niche Bar opened in BC "Leonardo" (Kyiv) in late November 2017. 

Architects from RD5 Studio have created a separate niche perfume shop, where consultants primarily offer aromas, and afterwards they voice the brand. The interior of Niche Bar is created for a comfortable stay of the client, when he can enjoy the process of tasting the aromas, without being distracted by the usual fuss that accompanies this process.

The interior of the boutique is made in a minimalist style: the perfumes are located on the loft racks, the tasting process takes place at the bar tables. The support is covered with a mirror, due to which the illusion of a floating concrete countertop is created. The tables are equipped with E1 bar stools by ODESD2, and in a separate lounge zone there is a sofa from the E series.

The RD5 Studio team paid special attention to the graphic design of the boutique: in this project the architects refused the standard logo of the perfume network above the entrance. As an alternative, a new font and branding principle was proposed, and as a result, the BROCARD logo was made in concrete and placed on the wall.

Photo: Andrey Avdeenko Photographer