​Emotion game


Take a look around and describe the objects that surround you. What are they like? Do they have a lot of austerity and asceticism, or do they attract the eye with an unusual shape and color? Do you like the atmosphere these items create, or do you feel uncomfortable and would like to be somewhere else?

In childhood, many of us played such a simple game to describe the world around us, only the task was to name objects without paying attention to their mood. As adults, we pay attention to our emotions, and therefore even filling the interior with furniture and decor is a reflection of our inner world.

The architect Alena Yudina is known for her interior designs, which are based on sensuality and mood. The apartments created by her tell the stories of their owners through the correct arrangement of accents. It was this approach that formed the basis of the Blossom collection, which Alena Yudina created together with ODESD2.

“We live in a world of a variety of things. In this variety, I decided that I am closer to objects that are interesting to look at, and which are interesting to talk about. I know for sure what kind of objects these are, because when I see them, I understand that they not only possess quality and functionality, but also enhance feelings. These things are simple, with a sense of norm and a sense of play. They can really surprise and change the mood. I tried to create such an object that could become an emotional modulator, and the Blossom bush shelf appeared,” Alena says.

The Blossom shelf is a story about childhood and femininity, about a house and a fairy tale, which is appropriate to be told in an adult setting. It has a lot of functionality: a two-sided object made of metal allows you to use it as a shelf or console table, as well as delimit the space in the room. The game motif is not limited to appearance only: the flowers are removable, and allow you to change the appearance of the shelf.